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Whether it is your first time or it is been a while since you took your last ELP-assessment, you might feel the need to refresh your knowledge. Or maybe you are looking for personal training to upgrade your skills? Either way, at SCOPATSKY we have got you covered.

How to prepare yourself?

Study and refresh theoretical courses

Good reference documents to read and study are your own theoretical courses on VFR/IFR-communications/ATC and the following attachments:
EGAST EASA radiotelephony guide for VFR
ALL CLEAR ICAO standard phraseological guide for IFR

Simulate VFR/IFR-flight scenarios

We also recommend that, as a communicating pilot, you simulate a complete VFR/IFR-flight (controlled and uncontrolled) yourself including some unexpected turn of events.
Students preparing for their assessment.

Test your English

Introduce yourself in English and talk about, for example, your flight training or nice flights that you have already done or still want to do.

Interested in a training course?

We can help you to upgrade your skills through personal and tailor-made training.

Aviation English

Course with a Linguistic Teacher (online) focussing on different aviation topics and brushing up on some grammar skills:
  • 10 hours - package: 700 EUR (+VAT)
  • 5 hours - package: 350 EUR (+VAT)
  • Extra lessons: 70 EUR/hour (+VAT)

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ATC and R/T

Course with a Flight Instructor (online or on-site) focussing on correct phraseology and the use of communication through scenario-based flights:
  • Personal and tailor-made training
  • 70 EUR/hour (+VAT)

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Ready to book your ELP-assessment?

Just fill in the online booking form and provide us with your your details, preferred time and location. We will contact you to complete the booking and anwer any questions you might have.

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What our customers say

Hans Witdouck

"I recently took my first ELP-test. From planning till the moment of truth, everything was very convenient. The test was taken in a comfortable setting which reduced the stress coming with such an exam. Everything went smooth and professional. I can only recommend SCOPATSKY.”

Tuur Vanden Abeele

“My experience with SCOPATSKY was extremely positive. The reservation procedure went smoothly, which contributed to my satisfaction. Additionally, communication throughout the process was careful, and easy to understand, which further enhanced my overall experience.”
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